GIS Services

Our GIS services are focused around the area of Digital Mapping. ABS Technologies Systems understands that at the heart of any Geographical Information System (GIS) is the map database. The efficiency of a GIS is therefore related to the accuracy and reliability of the related map data. ABS Technologies specializes in offering cost effective services towards creating, customizing, and updating all types of mapping data.

• Scanning / rasterizing of hard copy maps into clean digital images
• Geo referencing and projection of digital map information.
• Vector map production from all types of images.
• Geo coding, attributing and linking databases to generated maps.
• Updating / modifying and customizing map data.
• Data Integration and Data Format Conversion

Our expertise in the following areas.

• Contour extraction of hard copy topographic maps.
• Digital Line Graphs (DLG) as per USGS standards and specifications.
• Digital Elevation Models (DEM / DTM)
• Digital flood maps based on FEMA FIRM maps
• Utility/AM-FM Mapping
• Cadastral & land base mapping
• Geological Mapping
• Cartography

GIS Services
GPS Maps Services
GPS based services to enable Utility companies to map their assets and provide an effective tracking mechanism. Key assets such warehouses, depots, regional offices, transmission poles / towers, sewage lines, etc have their geographical co ordinates taken using GPS instruments. These positions are then mapped on to a base map typically a road map or street network to generate a customized spatial map data base. This data is then used for effectively monitoring the assets on a day to day basis.
Some of the industries served include logistics, transport, water & sewage, electrical transmission, etc.